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The Best Ways to Memorize The Periodic Table for Students

Periodic Table

A periodic table is a designated table that contains the information of chemical elements with their atomic number. It is a great reference to recognize various chemical elements within a similar atomic structure. In the chemistry lesson, students are required to memorize part or the whole elements included in the periodic table to ease them to learn further about the lesson. To memorize them easily, there are some interesting tricks to follow below!

Tips and tricks to memorize the periodic table effectively

Here are some useful tips and tricks to help the students memorizing the periodic table easily!

The repetition method

The repetition method

One of the easiest methods to apply is the repetition method. Moreover, there are many important tips to make the repetition method works effectively. Some of them are listed down here.

  • Repeat the elements per group. In this case, before memorizing the chemical elements and their atomic numbers, you have to divide them into groups and try to repeat and memorize each group till all of them have been fully memorized. 
  • Do the repetition out loud. Instead of repeating them silently, announcing each element out loud is proven to maintain active learning which could help you remember all the elements fast and easier. 
  • Instead of repeating the periodic table for five hours straight a day, you may separate them into one hour for three sessions a day. it is to prevent the dullness and boredom of doing the repetition. 

Using acronyms and acrostics

Using acronyms and acrostics

Acronyms and acrostics are also other great methods to help to memorize words. However, it couldn’t fit all the elements in the periodic table. Acronyms and acrostics tend to use the first letter of a certain group of chemical elements and they will be combined into sentences or groups of words that reflecting the order of the chemical structure.

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When it comes to memorizing words or any other materials, changing them into songs would be more fun and interesting to repeat and memorize. Moreover, songs are also available in kinds of nice tunes and melodies that could be chosen based on the students’ preferences. Another advantage of using the song method is that it could stay longer in your memory so the information of the periodic table won’t fade easily. 


The flashcards version of the chemical elements in the periodic table is easily used and downloadable on the internet. You may print them out for instant use or create your version of the periodic table flashcards to improve more engagement and to help to boost your memory. The flashcards are very handy and they could fit even in your pocket so you may bring them anywhere.

There are many other methods to memorize the periodic table. For instance, there are many kinds of interactive videos or the other well-visualized videos that could help to memorize the periodic table better and faster. Try any of the method mentioned above and choose one that suits well!

Tips for Parents to Do Online Learning with Kids

Online Learning

Since the beginning of 2020, the global pandemic issue has spread and affected many fields of human activities which one of them is the online learning activity. Besides, it also creates several other problems for parents to help their kids to adjust to it, such as arranging the new schedules, providing the media for online learning, and completing or submitting homework and school projects. 

Inspiring Tips for Parents to Do Online Learning with Kids

To help parents to do online learning with kids easier and more effectively, take a look at some important tips listed below. 

Prepare a nice and comfortable space

Prepare a nice and comfortable space

Instead of going to school and studying in class, online learning takes place at home. As a result, parents need to provide a nice and comfortable space for their kids while doing online learning. It may seem simple yet a nice and belonging space would be able to make the kids feel more motivated to learn and understand the knowledge. 

Give rules and rewards for the online learning activity

Kids tend to follow orders when the rules and goals are clear. For instance, parents would ask them to stay put during the first lesson for 30 minutes and if the kids break the rules, there will be clear consequences which is also the same for those who follow the rules would be given a reward. The rewards and rules may vary depending on the parents’ agreement with the kids.  

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  • Ensure the kid’s schedules and routines
Ensure the kid's schedules and routines

Though it is online learning at home, it doesn’t mean that parents could abandon the kids’ routines. In other words, to support the kid’s motivation of learning, their daily schedules and routines should be maintained well. Ask your kids to wake up in the morning similar to the school schedules and give them appropriate break time. In other words, ensure to not let them spend too much time playing. 

Focus more on the kids’ potential

Kids are just starting to develop their potentials. As parents who spend more time with them during the online learning, they would be able to get to know more about their kids’ potential. To keep them engaged and to help develop their abilities, it is suggested for parents to adjust the kid’s projects based on their potential. Parents will have an important role in communicating and asking the teachers about their kids’ potential. 

Maintain a nice relationship with the kids

Learning at home enables the kids to spend more time with their parents, particularly with the parents who stay at home or work remotely from home. To support the kids, it is highly recommended for both parents to show real supports not only through the material supports but also by maintaining a nice relationship with the kids at home. 

There are still many more inspiring tips to follow by parents while having online learning with their kids. Most importantly, parents are required to be more aware of the kids’ learning development. 

The Best Teaching Method For High School Educators

teaching method for high school

High school students are somehow close to chaos. Certainly, teaching these particular students is not an easy feat. They are old enough to know what is good and bad, they also brave enough to show their interest in school activities. So, teaching them needs an innovative method that will stay in long term memory and engage the students. To help you, here are the 3 teaching method for high school, educators should know.  

Three Teaching Method That Will Be Best Suited For High School Levels

1. Use Active Learning

Active learning also relates to student-centered learning. This particular approach will involve actively engaging students with the course material. The classroom will full of activities that demand students to talk, discuss, speak, write, and do other things. They will go through numerous engaging and fun activities, such as case studies, problem-solving, discussion, role plays, etc. Active learning also strives to develop students’ responsibility.

This certain learning approach is suitable for high school students since, at that age, the learner should be able to learn by themself. That is why the active learning and teaching method for high school is employed to help promote higher-order thinking skills (HOTS). These HOTS are built through the application of knowledge, analysis, and synthesis. At the same time, the student also engages in deep learning. 

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2. Emphasize Visualization

Every learner has different learning styles. It can be through auditory, kinesthetic, or visual. But even though they are not the same, but using visualization can help the student to understand better. Visualization means examples. The teacher needs to give visualization that relates to the course material. With this idea, students can connect the input with the fact that they have in mind.

According to the expert, a knowledge that is connected and organized to a certain concept, visualized, and relatable can lead to better and deeper knowledge transfer. This teaching method for high school is very far known for its effectiveness, especially for the reading and literacy teacher. The material can be illustrated, through the visualization or any kind of means to deliver the real meaning of certain course material.

3. Incorporate Technology Tools

As society is getting exposed to technologies, you need to manage the classroom with modern gadgets. It can be anything from useful for education or not at all. You can say that a smartphone or laptop, can be either used as an educational tool or used for personal use. Use these gadgets, as a digital learning activity. You can ask the student to create a writing assignment, presentation, or projects. Through this teaching method for high school, you can teach and use IT at the same time.

The three teaching methods are considered as innovative since the school and the teacher is trying to create a more interesting or engaging activity. The active learning demand student to be the ones who are thirsty for knowledge, the use of visualization will help the learner to learn better, and technology will make the classroom feel more interesting. The blend of the three methods will highly be recommended for high school educators. 

ESL Learning And Teaching Tips For Successful Classroom

ESL learning and teaching

ESL us coursework designed for the students who are looking to learn English as their second, third, or fourth language. It can be said that the coursework will be given for the English Language Learners (ELLs). This ESL learning and teaching are mostly provided for the non-English speaker countries. The students are fundamentally different from native speakers which mean teaching can be daunting tasks. Here are the tips to help success the class.

5 Things To Do When You Are Teaching ESL

1. Teach By Doing Or Use Instructions

As a language speaker, giving examples is important. Talk aloud, show everything that relates to the course, and make sure you demonstrate using multiple ways. It will help students feel engaged and interested. Avoid prolong monologue or else the students will get bored. There are ways to make the classroom more exciting, such as using multiple media, such as videos, reading stories, singing, or acting in the class.    

2. Be An Adaptable Teacher

ESL learning and teaching need an adaptable teacher. In most cases, the native speaker teacher comes to a foreign country to teach ESL and ELL. In this situation, everything can be unpredictable. It can be the learning level of the students are different, there is some obstruction of tradition or the worst is your students have no input about English at all. So, adapt to the condition! If they don’t understand, then do different things. 

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3. Learn About The Cultural Background

Most of the time, the best method and activity is to relate the course with real-life experiences. This approach and course will help them put what they have learned in long-term memory. It all because they can relate. This ESL learning and teaching will help you familiarize yourself with the culture, everyday life, and customs of your students. So, make sure you do a cultural background check. 

4. Bond With Your Students

As you know better about the cultural background of the country and the students itself, then you can start bonding with everyone. If you are not from the country or you can say, a complete foreigner, the student might feel intimidated by your presence. So, try to get along and bond with them. Start with a simple greeting and call their name. throw some jokes and get closer, and build strong relationships.

5. Incorporate Technology  

In case you are bringing a lot of technology and know a lot about them, then incorporate them into your ESL learning and teaching activities. You are in the 21st century, so use the chance to introduce the use of technology in the class. Whether your students familiar with this or not, the use of advanced technologies will make the classroom more engaging and fun. Just make sure that the school has sufficient tools.

Those are what teachers can do to succeed in the ESL classroom. If you are not from a particular country, then you should learn about the culture. Understanding their culture will help you bond, give appropriate teaching activity, and adapt to the new situation. As a teacher, you are also the agent of change, which means you should try to incorporate technology in the class to make it better and fun.