Since the beginning of 2020, the global pandemic issue has spread and affected many fields of human activities which one of them is the online learning activity. Besides, it also creates several other problems for parents to help their kids to adjust to it, such as arranging the new schedules, providing the media for online learning, and completing or submitting homework and school projects. 

Inspiring Tips for Parents to Do Online Learning with Kids

To help parents to do online learning with kids easier and more effectively, take a look at some important tips listed below. 

Prepare a nice and comfortable space

Prepare a nice and comfortable space

Instead of going to school and studying in class, online learning takes place at home. As a result, parents need to provide a nice and comfortable space for their kids while doing online learning. It may seem simple yet a nice and belonging space would be able to make the kids feel more motivated to learn and understand the knowledge. 

Give rules and rewards for the online learning activity

Kids tend to follow orders when the rules and goals are clear. For instance, parents would ask them to stay put during the first lesson for 30 minutes and if the kids break the rules, there will be clear consequences which is also the same for those who follow the rules would be given a reward. The rewards and rules may vary depending on the parents’ agreement with the kids.  

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  • Ensure the kid’s schedules and routines
Ensure the kid's schedules and routines

Though it is online learning at home, it doesn’t mean that parents could abandon the kids’ routines. In other words, to support the kid’s motivation of learning, their daily schedules and routines should be maintained well. Ask your kids to wake up in the morning similar to the school schedules and give them appropriate break time. In other words, ensure to not let them spend too much time playing. 

Focus more on the kids’ potential

Kids are just starting to develop their potentials. As parents who spend more time with them during the online learning, they would be able to get to know more about their kids’ potential. To keep them engaged and to help develop their abilities, it is suggested for parents to adjust the kid’s projects based on their potential. Parents will have an important role in communicating and asking the teachers about their kids’ potential. 

Maintain a nice relationship with the kids

Learning at home enables the kids to spend more time with their parents, particularly with the parents who stay at home or work remotely from home. To support the kids, it is highly recommended for both parents to show real supports not only through the material supports but also by maintaining a nice relationship with the kids at home. 

There are still many more inspiring tips to follow by parents while having online learning with their kids. Most importantly, parents are required to be more aware of the kids’ learning development.