A periodic table is a designated table that contains the information of chemical elements with their atomic number. It is a great reference to recognize various chemical elements within a similar atomic structure. In the chemistry lesson, students are required to memorize part or the whole elements included in the periodic table to ease them to learn further about the lesson. To memorize them easily, there are some interesting tricks to follow below!

Tips and tricks to memorize the periodic table effectively

Here are some useful tips and tricks to help the students memorizing the periodic table easily!

The repetition method

The repetition method

One of the easiest methods to apply is the repetition method. Moreover, there are many important tips to make the repetition method works effectively. Some of them are listed down here.

  • Repeat the elements per group. In this case, before memorizing the chemical elements and their atomic numbers, you have to divide them into groups and try to repeat and memorize each group till all of them have been fully memorized. 
  • Do the repetition out loud. Instead of repeating them silently, announcing each element out loud is proven to maintain active learning which could help you remember all the elements fast and easier. 
  • Instead of repeating the periodic table for five hours straight a day, you may separate them into one hour for three sessions a day. it is to prevent the dullness and boredom of doing the repetition. 

Using acronyms and acrostics

Using acronyms and acrostics

Acronyms and acrostics are also other great methods to help to memorize words. However, it couldn’t fit all the elements in the periodic table. Acronyms and acrostics tend to use the first letter of a certain group of chemical elements and they will be combined into sentences or groups of words that reflecting the order of the chemical structure.

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When it comes to memorizing words or any other materials, changing them into songs would be more fun and interesting to repeat and memorize. Moreover, songs are also available in kinds of nice tunes and melodies that could be chosen based on the students’ preferences. Another advantage of using the song method is that it could stay longer in your memory so the information of the periodic table won’t fade easily. 


The flashcards version of the chemical elements in the periodic table is easily used and downloadable on the internet. You may print them out for instant use or create your version of the periodic table flashcards to improve more engagement and to help to boost your memory. The flashcards are very handy and they could fit even in your pocket so you may bring them anywhere.

There are many other methods to memorize the periodic table. For instance, there are many kinds of interactive videos or the other well-visualized videos that could help to memorize the periodic table better and faster. Try any of the method mentioned above and choose one that suits well!