High school students are somehow close to chaos. Certainly, teaching these particular students is not an easy feat. They are old enough to know what is good and bad, they also brave enough to show their interest in school activities. So, teaching them needs an innovative method that will stay in long term memory and engage the students. To help you, here are the 3 teaching method for high school, educators should know.  

Three Teaching Method That Will Be Best Suited For High School Levels

1. Use Active Learning

Active learning also relates to student-centered learning. This particular approach will involve actively engaging students with the course material. The classroom will full of activities that demand students to talk, discuss, speak, write, and do other things. They will go through numerous engaging and fun activities, such as case studies, problem-solving, discussion, role plays, etc. Active learning also strives to develop students’ responsibility.

This certain learning approach is suitable for high school students since, at that age, the learner should be able to learn by themself. That is why the active learning and teaching method for high school is employed to help promote higher-order thinking skills (HOTS). These HOTS are built through the application of knowledge, analysis, and synthesis. At the same time, the student also engages in deep learning. 

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2. Emphasize Visualization

Every learner has different learning styles. It can be through auditory, kinesthetic, or visual. But even though they are not the same, but using visualization can help the student to understand better. Visualization means examples. The teacher needs to give visualization that relates to the course material. With this idea, students can connect the input with the fact that they have in mind.

According to the expert, a knowledge that is connected and organized to a certain concept, visualized, and relatable can lead to better and deeper knowledge transfer. This teaching method for high school is very far known for its effectiveness, especially for the reading and literacy teacher. The material can be illustrated, through the visualization or any kind of means to deliver the real meaning of certain course material.

3. Incorporate Technology Tools

As society is getting exposed to technologies, you need to manage the classroom with modern gadgets. It can be anything from useful for education or not at all. You can say that a smartphone or laptop, can be either used as an educational tool or used for personal use. Use these gadgets, as a digital learning activity. You can ask the student to create a writing assignment, presentation, or projects. Through this teaching method for high school, you can teach and use IT at the same time.

The three teaching methods are considered as innovative since the school and the teacher is trying to create a more interesting or engaging activity. The active learning demand student to be the ones who are thirsty for knowledge, the use of visualization will help the learner to learn better, and technology will make the classroom feel more interesting. The blend of the three methods will highly be recommended for high school educators.