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The Importance of Building Writing Skill for Education

In education, writing skill is something that should actually be built since early. This skill is the one that will not only be used by students in finishing various types of writing assignment given to them. It will later on be used also when they work in order to build their career. Since the skill is so important, it is definitely better for you to introduce this skill since early to your kids. This way, they will really be able to write better and even better in the future.

Introducing writing skill to your kids may not be a thing that is easy for you to do. Even so, at this point of time there are quite a lot of things that can be used in order to make it easier for you to teach your kids about writing. If their age is still too young, you can make the lesson to be fun to do. For kids, something fun is easier to remember. That is why it will be easier for them to understand about how to write in the right way too.

If your lovely ones are no longer kids, of course you do not really need to teach them just like when they are still kids since there are already teachers who will help them learning about writing. At this stage, your role will change a bit as someone who will give help to your kids when they ask about something related to writing when they are studying or doing their homework at home. By making sure that your lovely ones really learn about writing in the right way it means that you give some peace of mind to yourself since the writing skill is one from a lot of things needed by your kids to be successful people in the future.


Writing Job Winning Resume: The Dos and Don’ts

Writing Job Winning Resume: The Dos and Don’ts

Writing a job winning resume is highly required for those who want to get more prospectus career in the future. A company can decide whether they will recruit you as new employee or not only by reading your resume. It shows that a resume really means a lot for both you and a company. In order to be able to write an effective resume, you should know what you have to do and do not.

Job Winning ResumeThere are some things you should do when you are writing an effective resume. First of all, you should determine the job which will be your objective. Being specific in determining your objective is necessary. By doing so, the company or employer will go straight to the position you may fit into. Instead of being specific in determining your objective, you should be specific on describing yourself. Involving your general and specific ability related to the required competency of a job you are applying is good. Your general and specific ability written in your resume must be good factors to help the employer make a decision. Furthermore, you need to consider the words you use in your resume. The words you use must be formal and impressive. You will use your resume to market yourself in front of an employer, so it is necessary to use formal and attractive words. Regarding this point, using action words is more suggested. Moreover, you should be positive when describing yourself and telling your ability. You should avoid using ambiguous dictions. On the other hand, there are some things you should not do when writing a job winning resume. Firstly, you should not tell a lie. Lying on your resume is bad idea. Besides, you should avoid using informal or casual words, such as slang words. It is rude and impolite. Do not use any sample resume to write your resume on. It is good to write your own resume with your own words. Make sure that you do not write too long resume. Two pages resume is enough.

Writing an effective resume is very important for those who want to have a good career. A job winning resume can be a golden ticket to market your own self in front of a reputable employer. However, you should be careful on writing your personal job winning resume to avoid being rejected by the company.

How to Get Ideas for Your Own Creative Writing

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Having an interest in creating a creative writing, the first process may not be easy for you. The reason is because a desire to make the writing does not always come together with an idea that is related about what you are about to tell in your writing, no matter whether it is a novel, a short story, or any other type of writing that belongs to the genre of creative. When you face this kind of situation, there is a possibility for you to get confused and finally give up the desire so that the writing will never be started. Please do not do so. Being able in creating and of course finishing the writing is something good for you in many ways. That is why it is good for you to keep the desire on instead of throwing it away.

The nexCreative Writingt thing that you have to do so that you will finally be able to make your own creative writing is finding idea. When you try to find so ideas, you have to keep in mind that you may not be too perfectionist. Please remember that these are still ideas and you will later on develop the ideas into a good writing that you and other readers will love. As suggestion, you can list every idea that pops in your mind until you have several options. After that, you can choose one or two as the main idea of the writing that you are about to create.

If it is still too hard for you to find ideas for your writing, you can try to go out to some places that you love to visit. Staying in your room trying to find some ideas may not be helpful for you because it will not stimulate your mind to think better. By going out to some places that you usually visit or places that you love the most you will gain more chances to get ideas from what you see in those places or things that are going on there. If you really decide to go out in order to get ideas for the writing, you may not forget bringing something that you can use to write down all ideas you get so that you may not forget about these when you get home and are ready to develop the ideas into some creative writing that you really want to create actually.