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5 Ways Of Implementing Technology In Education, Teacher Should Know

technology in education

Education is very important for humans. There are many methods and activities because education is like a fluid. It must be able to shapeshift following the need and generation. With that in mind, the advancement of technologies should be part of education. Thus, there are a lot of ways of integrating technology in education. From the simple introduction to full implementation, here are the ways a teacher can use technology in the classroom.

Here Are 5 Ways Teacher Can Use Technology In The Classroom

1. Multimedia Presentations

This is the simplest implementation you can do in the classroom. Multimedia offers bigger access and possibilities, such as video, picture, music, or even game. Educators can fuse your course and present it using this more interesting, engaging, and fun method. You can use Google Slides, Prezi, and keynote. You can create video tutorials, sing, play meaningful movies, and do discussions with the class.

2. Even More Engaging And Fun Powerpoint

PowerPoint is very common in education. Whether it’s simply for presentation or you use it for more fun activities, there is no doubt that this media is a great technology in education. You can create an interactive and fun presentation. Adding some pictures, music, or videos, and even better create a game show session. There are tons of templates on the internet, that will make your students interested to join the class. 

3. Website Creation And Online Writing

If you are looking for writing assessments, then teachers can integrate technology through online writing. Along with the writing, you can also teach your students to create their website. Tons of basic website creators offer easy procedures. You can choose one of them, let the students make one, and fill the website with their writing. It can be anything, from a simple diary to a story. Then, the teacher will assess their writing on it. 

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4. Course Content Management

Using technology in education doesn’t always lead to teaching and learning, but teachers will find this way better for their course content management. Teachers’ work is not only explaining in front of the class but also creating course content. From creating several tasks, assignments, scoring, to teaching schedule, this job is not easy. Some of the online media offer you a task calendar, management, to note-taking features. 

5. Post And Publish Students Work Online

There are some of the schools or teaching platforms that allow students to post and publish their works. Along with that students can access sites, templates, or any other digital media as their posting location. But teachers can help students stay motivated by uploading the learner’s work. This particular integration of technology in education will help students to contribute, find peer collaboration, help communication practice, etc.

Lots and more ways allow teachers to implement the technological aspect into to curriculum. Considering the easy access, advanced ability, and bigger possibilities offered by current IT, integrating gadget is a great solution in education. Teachers are the agents of change that bridge the digital age and sufficient learning activities. Thus, teachers must be able to use tech such as mentioned before to adapt to the era.

Memorable Summer Course You Could Attend

summer course

Do you know what is summer course really is? It is a short course for student with a lot of fun activities! Just like the name, this course being held on summer time. Usually students will get their holiday on summer. Sometimes students feel confused on how to spend their summer wisely. Some of them decide to take a part-time job to get money. However, the part-time jobs still have some free time for students. If you want to get more wonderful experience, you could join the summer course Europe. If you live outside Europe, this will be a great opportunity to go there!

For remarkable summer course, you could follow some trustworthy institutions. These institutions surely will give very good courses for the students. Besides, it will be completed with good accommodations and facilities. All of students who join that summer sessions could use the facilities to improve their study. Of course it will make the course feels more comfortable and fun. Clearly, you will not forget this wonderful summer course Europe 2017 experiences! Of course you could join summer sessions elsewhere with the same fun ambience!

Besides the activities on class, summer course will give outdoor activities as well. Usually the activities will involves some summer sports such as swimming and diving. If you love to do sport, the semi-summer camp will be best for you. In there, you still could attend the summer session while doing your hobbies. Make the session feels more fun by asking your friends to join that activity with you. Clearly, you and your friend will be so happy to attend such fun summer activity together. You could bond better with your friends as well.

During summer course, you could choose many topics as well. For instance, you want to know more about leadership courses. You could search for available classes related to that topic and join it. Of course you could attend summer session which different from your major study too. If you enrol in Psychology major, it will be okay to take Economic or Art summer sessions. As long as you fulfil the requirements, you could join those classes as well.

Definitely, you could get many benefits from those summer sessions. You could spend your summer holiday in more productive way so that you will be more ready to welcoming the new term ahead. So, don’t be hesitating to attend one or more summer course which suitable with your own interests.

Excellent College Study Tips for the High Achievers

You will happy to read this college study tips! Nowadays, college offers more challenges for their student. You cannot get perfect score easily for every courses which you taka because of higher standard on college. However, you could still get the excellent score if you follow this guidance. This article was specially written for new college students who wishes to be the best one on their classes. So, you could clear your mind and read this entire article to achieve your big goals in college.

The first from these college study tips, you should change your study habit. When in junior high school and senior high school, you could study one day before the final exams. However, this habit will not give you excellent scores in college level. If you want to be the best, you should prepare yourself better. College lessons are not something you could just memorize. You should understand each lessons better so that you will perform really well on every exam you should attend.

The second tip from this article, you could make one or more study groups with your college friends. On this study groups, each of you could share and exchange some ideas. Some perspectives from different people could be shared on this learning groups as well. You could invite some students from different classes taught by different professors as well. So, your study groups will be the right place to study together with your college friends. Besides, you could have a lot of new friends if you make this college study groups.

The next tip from this guidance, you could study better if you find the perfect spot in college for this purpose. Commonly, some people will choose the library for their main study spot. You may find different place to do it too, for instance in the college parks, cafetaria, on the rooftop, and many more hidden spots. If you follow these college study tips, you will be successful on your precious college days.